Board width on-Line measuring instrument

Board width on-Line measuring instrument


    •  To realize roll-to-roll, board on-line width measurement.
    •  Transparent film, translucent film, paper, metal, colored plastic, rubber are all measurable
    •  High speed, high precision and high durability measurement.
    •  Optional touchable colorful LCD to realize the function of data numerical monitoring, non-conforming products alarm, measurement statistics.


    •  Film manufacture, metal smelting, chemical materials, building board, etc.

 Edge measuring range  30mm
 Measuring accuracy  ±10 μm
 Measuring display resolution  1μm
 Measuring speed  20 times/ second
 Measuring method  Double edges parallel measurement
 Measuring mode  Continuous measurement/ Timing measurement
 Measuring abnormal alarm  Sound-light alarm/ Switching optical isolation output
 Operating temperature  5ºC-45ºC
 Relative humidity  35%- 85%, No condensation
 Protection grade  IP56
 Power supply and power consumption  24V/ 1A

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