Mechanical parts size measuring system

Mechanical parts size measuring system


     •  Realize the measurement of mechanical parts dimension;
     •  On line measurement of hole size and hole position;
     •  Realize the whole detecting points of products.    
     •  Grading of the product depend on the detection results;     
     •  To realize automatic non-conforming removing


    •  On line measurement--- According to the detection results, the equipment can realize rolling and quick stop testing.

    • Detection Range--- Provide multiple of detection model: Φ30、Φ80、Φ150
    •  Detection Item--- Diameter, angle, pitch-row,size, cirque width.

    •  Detection Setting --- Graphical software settings

    •  Test results, the user can set the hole diameter error and hole position error standards, beyond the standard product for sound and light alarm, and electrical signal is given.

    The measuring range (mm)     Φ150     Φ80     Φ30
    Measurement accuracy of plus or minus     ±15 μm     ±5 μm     ±2 μm
    Single measurement time     < 1秒     < 0.5秒     < 0.5秒
    Optical lens     Low distortion lens     Low distortion lens     Low distortion lens
    Power     220V/50Hz/3A     220V/50Hz/3A     220V/50Hz/3A
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