Cutting processing services
    •  High energy density, high cutting speed;
    •  The laser cutting process, low noise, small vibration, no pollution;
    •  Laser cutting the workpiece without contact, there is no tool wear;
    •  The cutting surface is smooth and beautiful, the surface roughness of only tens of microns;
    •  The width of the heat affected zone is very small, cutting performance near the material is almost unaffected;
    •  Good cutting quality, laser cutting of thin and narrow, up to the accuracy of the part±0.05mm;
    •  Types of laser cutting materials, including metal, nonmetal, composite materials, leather, wood and fiber etc..
    •  Laser cutting without clamping and fixing, which not only saves the fixture, and save the auxiliary time of upper and lower material;
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   Welding processing services
    •  The workpiece can be placed in a closed space welding;
    •  Without a vacuum, also do not need X radiation protection;
    •  Is not affected by the magnetic field, can accurate alignment of welding;
    •  The heat influence area, small deformation caused by heat conduction;
    •  Without the use of electrodes, no pollution or damage to the concerns of the electrode;
    •  Laser, high power density, the ratio of depth to width up to10:1;
    •  The welding material range, can also engage each other all kinds of heterogeneous materials;
    •  Non contact type welding process, deformation and loss of equipment can be minimized;
    •  The plate can reduce the time required to weld can be used even without filler metal;
    •  A kind of micro welding. The laser beam focused by a very small spot can be obtained, and precise positioning;

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    Laser marking
    •  Mark fine and good durability;
    •  Can mark all kinds of text, symbols and patterns;
    •  Laser processing is the processing technology of high environmental pollution;
    •  The material has wide applicability, can be in a variety of material marking;
    •  The laser engraving fine, lines can reach millimeter to micrometer;
    •  Laser marking and workpiece without contact, no cutting force, can ensure the accuracy of workpiece;
    •  The processing of high degree of freedom, especially suitable for automatic processing and special processing;
    •  Laser marking imitation and change are very difficult, making anti fake mark;
    •  Flexible processing, both single design and processing, but also can satisfy the mass production;
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