EP40 series

EP40 series


    •  Continuous adjustable pulse, large range frequency adjustment  
    •  High output power and high marking efficiency 
    •  Small beam diameter, and fine marking line
    •  Good quality and high stability laser beam
    •  Complete machine stability, simple operation


    •  Transparent vehicle and phone buttons
    •  Tool accessories, precision instruments 
    •  Sanitary ware and hardware products ;
    •  Electrical appliances, communication products, advertising ;
    •  PE and PVC pipe, medical equipment and other industries
Model EP40-1
Laser type /Wavelength Nd:YAG/1064nm
Average output power 21W@80KHz
Laser peak power 20KW
Laser beam quality M2 <1.3
Laser pulse width 20ns@20KHz,30ns@80KHz
Power stability (rms,>4h <3%
Laser mode TEM00
Marking scope 50mm x 50mm
70mm x70mm
110mm x 110mm
Marking depth 1.5mm
Maximum marking line speed 7000mm/s
Minimum marking line width 0.01mm
Minimum character height 0.1mm
Repeat marking precision  10μrad
Power consumption  0.4KW
Power requirement 220VAC/50Hz
Machine size 570*840*1240mm
Marking Sample
  • EP40-1
  • EP40-1
  • EP40-1
  • EP40-1
  • EP40-1
  • EP40-1
  • EP40-1
  • EP40-1