Growth history

    In the course of the development of the company, Hu Jintao, chairman of the CPC Central Committee, Jia Qinglin, the Politburo Standing Committee, Li Changchun, I have a company to visit and watch the product. They appreciate the company relying on independent innovation and industry optimization results achieved, while encouraging us to enhance the ability of independent research and development, and enhance the competitiveness of national brands.
September 2014—— Changchun new industry photoelectric technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the laser industry 2014 year“excellent product award”。
August 2014—— Changchun new industry photoelectric technology Co., Ltd. was awarded“Jilin Province, strategic emerging industries advanced collective”honorary title。
March 2014—— The single longitudinal mode green laser MSL-R-532 of the industry is jointly organized by the China laser journal community and the China Optical journal network.“2013 Chinese optical products”selection of activities,won“annual Innovation Product Award”。
January 2013—— The new industry has released a series of 532nmAOM Q laser single pulse energy 60uJ, the average power 500mW. With the characteristics of compact structure, low power consumption, high peak power, good beam quality, etc., suitable for high precision laser marking and scientific research and other fields.
February 2011—— The new industry has recently released an air-cooled active Q laser, which can meet the needs of high power industrial applications.. Among them, AO-Z-1064-15W@1064nmandAO-Z-532-10W@532nm,compact structure, fine lines, this laser performance and fiber laser is suitable for all kinds of laser marking machine.
2010 —— “CNI love ”The trademark was deemed as the State Administration for Industry and Commerce “Chinese well-known trademarks ”
2007—— The company won the bronze Chinese international industry fair.
2005——The company was named the seventh Shanghai Industrial Expo Innovation Award —.2005; — the company was named the seventh Shanghai Industry Expo Innovation Award.
2003—— The company was named the national enterprise postdoctoral research workstation and provincial technical center.
2001—— The company has been appraised as the national high technology research and development plan and the industrialization base of the plan..